Beyond Teshuvah

Jewish outreach organizations are magnificent resources for bringing Jews closer to their faith. But where are the organizations dedicated to enabling the return of the Jew who his Halachically goy?

A bar Noach wants to know.


“Either Judaism has something to say to everyone on earth, or it has nothing to say to Jews.”

Dennis Prager


“The difference between Chabad and Conservative Judaism is this: Conservative Judaism says ‘do only that with which you are comfortable.’ Chabad says ‘do only that with which you are comfortable – just keep going.’ ”

Rebbetzin Dini Lipskar Freundlich

A Better China

Success of the Rule of Law depends on two factors:

  • Fair and effective enforcement of the laws, and
  • A population that is morally and ethically healthy.

China has neither.

Our quest must be to change that, not through evangelism, but by quietly demonstrating success does not need entail legal chicanery or moral bankruptcy. That’s a lot tougher than preaching, but it is the only way that will really work.