Talking to the World

“Jews who live Judaism don’t talk to the world, and Jews who talk to the world don’t live Judaism.”

Dennis Prager


“The hatred of Jews is the hatred of a G-d based morality.”

Dennis Prager

Enriching the Haskalah

A Reform synagogue with mixed seating and equa...

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While the Haskalah, the Jewish Enlightenment movement, probaly saved millions of Jews from total assimilation, in its rejection of the Oral Law and much tradition as well as practice, did it not deny generations of Reform jews all knowledge of the richness of their legacy?

What I must wonder is how many we lost because of a shallow understanding of Judaism, and an ignorance of the true depths of its heritage.

Is it not time to consider turning the tide, to consider bringing to Reform and Conservative Jews a greater exposure to the parts of their heritage arbitrarily cast aside a century and a half ago?