A Literary Giant Crosses a Line

Sad news today: Pulitzer Prize-winning author Alice Walker has forbidden her publishers from translating her book into Hebrew because of her opposition to Israel.

But, as Jonathan Tobin points out in Commentary, Walker has crossed the line from being “anti-Israel” to being anti-Semitic.

It is possible to criticize Israel without being an anti-Semite. But Walker has crossed the line from an already indefensible economic war against the Jewish state to a cultural war against Jewish identity. Such boycotts will not convince Israelis to give up their country or their right to defend themselves against the ongoing efforts of Palestinians to destroy it. But they do serve as a warning that Walker and others who support her efforts have already crossed the line between the demonization of Israel and open expressions of Jew-hatred.

via Alice Walker: The Color of Anti-Semitism « Commentary Magazine.

Ms. Walker is an intelligent person, but in this case she is either horribly misinformed, or we must conclude that she is channeling her closet Jew hatred. One hopes it is the former: at least that can be addressed.

Stephen Spielberg, are you reaching out to Ms. Walker on this?

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