A Thoughtful Point on Atheism

Furthermore, to say that religion is evil because religious people have committed heinous acts in the name of religion is like saying medicine is evil because Dr. Josef Mengele committed heinous acts against the subjects of his Auschwitz experiments in the name of medical research. One can take any constructive enterprise and use it for destructive purposes. This offers no grounds for condemning the enterprise itself.

via The Atheist Crusade.

I would not condemn an atheist or secularist because of the acts of Josef Stalin. Why is it that Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens would condemn my faith for the acts of a totally unrelated fanatic?

4 thoughts on “A Thoughtful Point on Atheism

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  1. You need to do some more reading. My faith renounces all evil, regardless of its source, and regardless of the rationale used to justify it.

  2. Medical research, like all science, is a tool. Nothing more or less. That’s blaming the gun for a murder.

    The 9/11 attacks were enacted because of religion; they had plenty of theology to back up their actions. No one commits immoral acts in the name of science because science is not an ideology. Religion is.

    I have seen people use religion to justify all manners of evils.

    Good discussion, though.

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