What You Believe About Homosexuality Doesn’t Matter

A genuinely Christian point of view on the matter of faith and homosexuality.

2 thoughts on “What You Believe About Homosexuality Doesn’t Matter

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  1. Interesting link, However this youth pastor seems to be somehow equating the gay suicide phenomenon to being caused only to Christians speaking out against sin. He seems to think that somehow if we simply stop labeling sin as sin, then we will save lives. But it’s not merely Christians speaking out against sin that drives these people to take their lives, it is that they feel they simply having nothing to live for. So if we tell them they are just ok and still give them nothing to live for, we aren’t helping at all. Jesus would want us to love these people. But he didn’t come just to save our lives so we could have a few more years down here on earth, he came to save our souls, he came to deliver us from sin in any and every form. So when we tell people that they don’t have any sin, or not to worry about it, how can we expect them to see the need for a Savior? And if we take this approach we become ultimately responsible for loosing their souls for eternity… Very bad move. Saving a mortal life is noble, but it is an eternal soul that God is concerned with. And he entrusted us with responsibility to deliver his truth as he gave it, so that mankind might know his need, and know the remedy. True love will tell the truth even when it hurts. P.s. I am also a youth pastor and can actually speak from experience when it comes to suicidal depression having been their myself in my late teens. In my case, it was my complete bondage to sin and seeking fulfillment in that sin that was driving me to the point I didn’t want to live, and it was people who loved me and prayed for me while still speaking out boldly against the sin I secretly loved that actually made a difference in my life, people that agreed with and promoted what I was in bondage to did make me occasionally comfortable but they were powerless to give me any escape from the depression. Love and speak truth that can set people free don’t tell them they are ok if they aren’t.

    1. A brilliant comment, and thank you, Pastor, for your thoughts.

      I cannot speak for the author of the piece, but as someone who continues to seek Divine guidance on how I should approach this issue, I keep coming back to St. Augustine: “Hate the sin, love the sinner.” There is a practical basis here: you do not induce someone to reflect on negative behavior and set on a path of repentance (we call it “teshuvah”) via stern disapproval bordering on censure. You do so by gaining sufficient credibility and trust in order for your guidance to have an effect. You can’t give tough love to someone until that person believes in their heart that you love them as much as you love yourself, and that means showing them you accept them for who and what they are.

      Forgive me if I appear to lecture. That is not my intention.

      God bless.

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