Kerry Threatens the Wrong People

John Kerry Threatens Israel With Boycotts if Talks Fail.

While I am sure the Secretary of State is having a difficult time understanding why Israel’s government is taking such a hard line, he would do well to take a more balanced line. Implicit in the price for peace is a unified government that speaks for all factions of the Palestinian people, and that affirms for the world Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state.

Sadly, the Palestinians are not masters of their own fates. They are beholden to leaders elsewhere in the world who seek to see Israel wiped off the map, and every Jew in the country either dead or in headlong flight, and to them, the lives of a few million Palestinians is a small price to pay.

If the Palestinians could be truly independent, an independent state would come to them naturally.

Perhaps Kerry should be using what is left of American power and prestige in the region to make that happen. But he won’t, because it is easier (and more fashionable) to beat up on Israel.

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