Speaking Truth

The Middle East will only set itself on the path to peace when both sides acknowledge a simple fact: with a few remarkable exceptions that only prove the rule, the end goal of most Palestinians, of the Palestinian Authority, of Hamas, and of Islamic Jihad is to put an end to Israel and push the Jews into the sea. So it has always been, and so it is today.

The failure to recognize Israel’s fundamental right to exist is not just window-dressing. It is a subtle reminder that the Palestinians want the Jews out and gone forever.

This stance leaves the world with a binary choice: either you acknowledge Israel’s right to exist, or you side with the Palestinians and acknowledge their end goal. Either way, it is time everyone on both sides stood up to be counted.

If you are in favor of pushing us into the sea, at least have the moral courage to stand up and say so. I don’t agree with anyone supporting BDS, nor would I want to spend any more time in the same room with them than necessary. Nonetheless, I give them credit for eschewing hypocrisy, for having the cojones to speak up.

Better we should all look our enemies in the eye.

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