France Owes Parisian Jews Justice

Jewish Businesses In Paris Are Being Looted And Destroyed By Protesters Over Israel Gaza Offensive”
im Sim Wissgott

Agence France Presse
July 21, 21014

In light of the growing wave of European anti-Semitism, I saw this most recent outrage as being slightly reminiscent of Kristallnacht. As a friend pointed out, that was an overstatement: not only was the French government not involved, it actually arrested some of the Muslim miscreants.

But the matter is not yet closed. It will be important to monitor the degree to which the French government prosecutes those arrested for rampage. Paroles or light sentences – or even a failure to prosecute – would suggest that the Hôtel Matignon is more afraid of Muslim violence than the taint of injustice. THAT would reek of Hindenberg’s Weimar Republic, and would hint of much worse times to come.

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