Anyone Boycotting Israel Needs to Prepare for a Major Life Change

So You Want to Boycott Israel? Here’s A List of Products and Services You Need to Start With…
Glenn Rhee

Prepper Chimp
July 22, 2014

The next time you talk to someone who suggests boycotting Israel, ask him or her what they think that would mean for them. Then email them a link to Glenn Rhee’s article, and let them know that they are in for significant alteration of their lifestyle.

There is some hyperbole here, but Rhee’s main point is valid: it would be brutally difficult to boycott any nation that is deeply integrated into the global economy, and boycotting Israel would be nearly as impractical as boycotting China, Germany, or the United States.

Rhee’s other point is axiomatic: Israel has made profound contributions to the world, contributions that too much of the planet finds it convenient to overlook.

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