Head of UNHRA attacks US for not providing Hamas with an Iron Dome

U.N. Human Rights Chief Attacks U.S. For Not Providing Hamas With Anti-Rocket System Like Israel’s Iron Dome… | Weasel Zippers.

The naiveté of UN officials in this case would be laughable if it were did not border on incompetence. Any impartial student of the region could tell you that if the US were to give Hamas their own Iron Dome, the launchers would be placed in mosques, and Hamas would use the missiles to shoot down El Al Airliners, not defend their own people.

One has to wonder whether this credulity about the situation in Gaza is genuine, or whether there is an ulterior motive behind it. If the former, this individual is in no position to make broad statements about the region. If the latter, she should be sacked.


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