Turkey Shows its True Colors

With Israel, the world is blaming the victims”
Richard Cohen

The Washington Post
July 28, 2014

Richard Cohen calls out Recep Tayyip Erdogan as an anti-Semitism-addled hypocritical bigot. Read the article: it’s a good call.

When a head of state finds himself compelled to direct his nation’s anger at another nation or a race of people, it is either an abject admission of mental illness, a craven pandering to the lowest common denominator in his electoral base, or a prelude to war. I go with the second one.

Now would be a good time for our Jewish brethren in Turkey to consider alternative living arrangements. Erdogan has pandered to the anti-Semitic mob, who will now feel empowered to focus their anger and hatred on the nearest Jewish targets.

Turkey has proven itself more than ready to engage in genocide. Let’s take the hint and get our people out while there is still time.

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