Thomas Friedman Understands What is at Stake

Revelations in the Gaza War
Thomas L. Friedman
August 5, 2014

Whatever his other faults (we disagree constantly on China), Tom Friedman knows the Mideast and its conflicts from many sides, and has won two Pulitzer Prizes bringing clarity to those conflicts to those of us here in the US. It is in no small part because of this reporting that America’s friendship with Israel is no longer unconditional.

For these reasons, this story is of particular interest. It is the first of what I expect will be a growing number of reports from respected journalists who have found gaping holes in the Hamas narrative.

Friedman offers both context and content. He lays out, simply and clearly, the Hamas strategy to isolate and then destroy Israel. That it is not working is less credit to the Obama administration or western media than to a willingness by Israel to risk international censure to ensure its survival.

A very good read.

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