Tolerance Cuts Both Ways

I’m gay. And I want my kid to be gay, too.
Sally Kohn

The Washington Post.

In a fascinating Washington Post article by Sally Kohn, she announces to the world that she is gay and wants her child to be gay, too.

As you ponder the implications of such a declaration, consider this: Ms. Kohn is receiving plaudits for her pronouncement. Conversely, though, if I were to announce in a national newspaper that I am heterosexual and I want my son to be heterosexual, too, I would be vilified by many as a homophobe.

How is that right?

I would hope that Ms. Kohn provides her child with an environment that is as accepting of whatever choice her child makes as she would want me to be. And I hope that the nation can accept that our wishes for our children to be one thing does not necessarily equate a vilification of another.

For the record, I want my son to be heterosexual. But I will love him and support him regardless of what his gender identity winds up being.

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