Jewish Book Lists: Rabbi Adar

Source: My Basic Jewish Book List | Coffee Shop Rabbi

As you plan your reading for the coming weeks, here is a superb list of books for nearly everyone’s Jewish bookshelf from Rabbi Ruth Adar in San Leandro, California.

Some of these might sit more comfortably in the hands of Conservative or Reform Jews than those of our more frum brothers and sisters, but believe there is insight and good thinking in this list for all of us.

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  1. My daughter (in 5th grade, but reads above her grade level) needs to choose a book for a Sunday School assignment. When we were at the library today, she told the librarian she was most interested in Judaism in a particular place, Israel or otherwise. (That was the first time I’d heard her say it, and the well-meaning librarian found nothing to satisfy her.) As she also loves cooking, she became intrigued at the prospect of using a cookbook for her project, so she chose one by Joan Nathan. I’m wondering if you have any suggestions.

    1. For cookbooks, I am partial to Susie Fishbein’s Kosher by Design series. While her earlier stuff tended toward dishes that required the hands of an experienced cook, her more recent books have focused on getting young people back into the kitchen. You might check them out, particularly Kosher by Design: Teens and Twentysomethings, or Kosher by Design: Kids in the Kitchen.

      Let me know if you are looking for something more general interest.

      1. I am both looking for the likes of Fishbein and something that might have more of a narrative bent. A personal (Jewish)history as it relates to food, the history of a part of the (Jewish) world and its connection to food, a history told through a particular holiday, etc.. We will start with the Fishbein, though. Thanks.

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