The NYT’s Version of History is Bunk

But the notion that belief that the temples were located on the Temple Mount has more what Gladstone calls “circumstantial evidence” behind it. After all, the Temple Mount is surrounded on one side by the last remnant of the Second Temple, the outer enclosure that is now known as the Western Wall. But as anyone who has visited it in recent decades knows, the Wall is more than just the old pile of stones before which Jews have prayed for 2,000 years. It consists of tunnels and other remnants of Second Temple Jerusalem that make it clear that it was only a piece of the large structure that stood at the center of Jewish life before the Roman destruction. In other words, you don’t have to be an archeological expert or a historian to know that the Temple had to exist on the Mount; you just have to have a working pair of eyes.

Source: The Times Declares History is Bunk | commentary

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