If only Israel would demonstrate to the world’s satisfaction the nature of the Palestinian/Islamist Reality Distortion Field. The propaganda chiefs of the PA, Hamas, IS, and Iran make Joseph Goebbels look like a rank amateur.

The Madness of Britain’s Student Union

It hasn’t gone down well. VICE News speaks to a member of the union’s national executive about why he opposed the motion and the backlash that has followed.

Source: Britain’s Student Union Votes Against Condemning the Islamic State — Because That Would Be Islamophobic | VICE News


Cambridge University faces Legal Action over Mock Israeli Checkpoint 

The mock checkpoint is a feature of the annual “Israel Apartheid Week,” which has been heavily criticised by Jewish groups, human rights activists and politicians who are concerned about the normalisation of anti-Semitism on campuses in the UK, North America and elsewhere.

In 2011, sixteen African-American members of the Vanguard Leadership Group published an open letter in several university newspapers, saying that the use of the word “apartheid” in regards to Israel “is not only false, but offensive.

Source: Cambridge University may face Legal Action over Mock Israeli Checkpoint – Jewish Media Agency

It is a shame that this has gone to the courts. The university deserves censure for not understanding the difference between encouraging free speech and condoning intimidation and stoking ethnic hatred.

Austria Says it is Legal to Call for Jews to be Killed

Prosecutor rules that Austrian hair stylist’s anti-Semitic Facebook posts are a legitimate way to criticize Israel.

Source: Austrian prosecutor: Call to kill Jews is legal criticism of Israel – Diaspora – Jerusalem Post

For most of my life I dared to hope that in the aftermath of the greatest racial atrocity in the history of mankind, Europe had risen above its Jew-hatred.

I was, apparently, wrong. And that hatred does not stop with fringe groups. It reaches right into the heart of Europe’s elite, into the offices of the leaders of Austria’s judicial system.

Austria has now added itself to the list of countries I am unable to visit, especially with my family. And I must plead with my fellow Jews who are living there: run, haverim. Take your families and all you can carry with you. Leave and do not look back. Darkness is descending upon Austria again.


How is it, I wonder, that we can praise a man for being a great athlete despite being a lousy sportsman? Why is it too much to expect both, especially when others on his team appear to manage that without an issue?

When we teach kids to play sports, we teach them that sportsmanship and skill are both critical components of excellence. Do we suddenly drop the sportsmanship requirement when the television and gambling stakes reach a certain level?

My sports heroes are the ones who are both fierce competitors and gentlemen or ladies at the same time. That is the gold standard. We should hold it up for all players of excellence. And, BTW, for ourselves.