Epistle to the Doomsayers

Atheist or faithful, it is incumbent on all of us to celebrate humanity and seek to fulfill the promise of our species, dosed with humility and gratitude.

Obsessing about the evils wrought by mankind, our various failings, and positing a dreary future for all is has some value in that it keeps us all aware of the problems. But suggesting that there is no hope is a waste of time. If you truly believe the worst and cannot convince yourself of the best, my only advice would be to dig a hole, line it with concrete, fill it with food, water and comic books, and await Ragnarok.

But really, we’d rather you join us. We’ve got a world to fix, after all.

The Blessing of Boredom

From a fascinating article in The Wall Street Journal entitled “Boredom Enthusiasts Discover the Pleasures of Understimulation” I discovered this interesting little insight.

Journalist and author Naomi Alderman spoke about the difficulty of having to observe the Jewish Sabbath as a child. Her talk, “What It’s Like to Do Almost Nothing Interesting for 25 Hours a Week,” ended on an unexpected, touching note. “When we learn to tolerate boredom,” she said, “we find out who we really are.”

Superb. It also explains why I enjoy reading Judaic writings on airplanes.

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